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The Business of Selling Crafts

Accepting Credit Cards at Craft Shows

Copyright Law for Crafters

Licensing Your Craft Designs

Insurance for Craft Business

Craft Show Press Release

Promoting Your Craft Business

Finances for Crafters

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Self Promotion Before, During and After Craft Shows

Don’t rely on the exhibitors to do all your marketing for you. Instead, you should actively promote yourself and your attendance at a craft show.

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Tell The Story Behind Your Crafts

Buyers of your jewelry and other craft creations will want to know a lot about your craft background. They will want to know about the piece, how you thought about it, what kinds of techniques you used to make it, what makes the piece special or original.

They might want to know who taught you and how you learned your craft.
They might want to know if you make your items full-time or part-time.
They might be interested to learn where else you sell or have sold your pieces.
You should be prepared to tell your story orally.
But you might also want to create a short hand-out, as well. If you have a web-site, you should post this story there, too.
Sell yourself, the crafter, as well as your craft creations.
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Mailing/Emailing List

Generate a mailing list and use it!

At craftshows, have a Guest Registration. Or better yet, have people fill out a slip of paper to win one of your craft items. Ask for their name, phone, email address, and physical address. You might try to document if they have particular interests, as well, so you can follow up with particular people on specific items you have for sale. Think of other creative ways to generate mailing list names. Look for directories of local bead societies, craft guilds, artist guilds and the like.

Before you go to a show, send out an annoucement to everyone, post flyers and enourage other participants to do the same.

E-newsletters are also a good way to keep interested buyers informed of your upcoming shows. Visit this link to learn about how to create an email newsletter for your business.

At the Craft Show

Take every opportunity to promote yourself at the craft show. Have well-printed postcards or business cards, and be sure to include your show schedule.
Greet everyone with a positive, up-beat attitude.
Don't be pushy.

Post Craft Show (specially for those selling wholesale)

Don’t bury your head in the sand between shows! Instead, take a more holistic approach. Time between shows is ideal for building relationships. Pick up the phone, lick that stamp, send those email newsletters and promote, promote, promote. Keeping your head above the sand and showing a consistent face is crucial between show appearances.

If you are a regular exhibitor you have the added advantage of being able to immediately jump into promoting the NEXT show. Regular exhibitors can use free show stickers on outgoing shipments and may even supply their retailers with sneak-peaks and advance buying opportunities for new work to be officially unveiled at the upcoming show.

Approaching year-round show promotion is essential for your business.

Don’t just print postcards with specific show dates listed. Instead, print a list of shows and 800 numbers or web sites where one can register to attend.

Don’t just talk about the shows you are attending in the next 2 months. List your yearly schedule all at once.

And, most importantly… Don’t just promote the shows YOU are excited to finally be accepted to. Instead, bank on the dependability your customers seek and promote shows you will regularly be seen at year after year

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