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Storing Your Craft Supplies

Crafters live in a world where everything can always be something else. So they always have too much stuff! Some artists purchase craft supplies for a special project while others, purchase “on spec” or because they can’t resist the a new material, a new solution, colors, textures or even good sales on expensive materials.

It is smart to buy a few extra pieces of something when working on a special project color matching a yarn, paint mix or even beads won’t be a problem. Consequently, we all have a lot of excess materials that need to be tracked, organized, sorted and stored.

An inventory system is a great method especially if you are going to craft as a business. To store beads, paint, fabric yarn, paper, whatever – it needs to be sorted so you can find it again. First, sort it according to color, material etc. or sort it according to the intended project.

Storing it becomes another issue which can either make you or break you. Spending hours searching for that special bead or rubber stamp can be incredibly frustrating. So find a method (plastic bags, lidded containers, file folders, plastic bins) then note where it is stored (closet, under bed, file cabinets, etc.) If you have a wide variety of materials, and they are stored in many different locations, noting where each item is on a 3x5 card and putting it in a card file is a good way to keep track. You can then note when each item was purchased and how much it cost. It is a simple, but easy way to manage your inventory. There is now an entire industry dedicated to organization. Everything from household inventory books to bookkeeping and tax receipts.

Old file cabinets can hold an incredible amount of raw materials and are easy to hide in a closet are the garage and have deep, pullout drawers that allow you to easily see what is in the drawer. Each drawer can be labeled with the drawer contents. Used file cabinets can be found at garage sales, used office furniture stores, etc. Large clear plastic containers with lids also make great storage container and if they are clear, you can easily see what is in the container. Well-established Graphic and Fine Art supply shops like Utrecht have a variety of boxes, tubes and envelopes made specifically for storing artwork. If you need archival-quality, start there first. (They've got everything from spray booths to flat files.

To store patterns, papers, anything that moisture might damage, zip-type plastic bags are great to keep all the pieces together in one place and protect the contents. They can then be stored in plastic boxes or a file cabinet drawer. These days every dollar store and craft shop has tons of different types of organizers. You can literally spend more on the organizing bins than on your craft materials, so think deeply about how you want to organize your items before you spend your hard-earned money on them.

No matter what type of system you use, knowing what you have and where it is located will make your craft business more successful.


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