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Tools and Materials...
  1. Adhesive backed design paper (we’re assuming you’ll be covering the CD with a decorative pattern.
  2. Frosty or clear contact paper
  3. Index-weight paper stock to line the bag
  4. Chain or cording to use as a strap
  5. Charms or decorative trim
  6. 20 gauge Wire
  7. 2"-3" wide spacers (beads, pieces of tubing, whatever works for you)
  8. 4 Thin wood shapes (or poker chips) to cover the hole
  9. Needle nose pliers
  10. Wire cutters
  11. Hobby drill and small 1/16" bit
  12. Utility knife with sharp blade


Create a Flapper-Style Evening Bag with Used CD's

Revive the Roaring 20's with a Retro Look

Instructions have been edited to fit this website. If you'd like more detail, photos, techniques and material sources, You can see the directions, photos, and get extra pieces here.

Repurposing common household items for your own use has been a habit for many of my friends and had been drilled into me by my mother. So every time I'm getting ready for trash day, I make a note of the items that don't go into the recycle bin and are not easily disposed of. Of course the CD has inspired many interesting designs, the most obvious being a clock, ornament, and when melted, candy dish. However, several years ago I started fiddling around with the concept of making an evening bag from 2 CDs that could not only be used proudly, but could be made for resale!

Drill and cut your CD's:

Trace the CD on to paper and divide into 4 quadrants. One of those 4 wedge shapes will be the top that you will cut off. Drill 18 holes evenly spaced around your CD (download a drilling template here) You can drill both CDs at the same time but be sure to place a thick sheet of paper between them so that no melting takes place between the CDs. Be sure that both are placed printed side towards the center.

Mark on the inside and outside of the CD where the wedge-shaped top will be cut off. Then, holding a ruler tightly against both marked edges, score the CDs deeply, 5 or 6 times, (do one at a time). Turning the CD over and scoring in EXACTLY the same place will help. Gently start bending the "top" along the scored line and work it loose from the rest of the body. Do the same for the other CD. HINT: Some CDs are made of a different polycarbonate mix, so you might want to experiment with different CDs.

Decorate your CD and add "top holder" Surface:

Cover the "outside" of both CDs with your pattern. To protect your design, cover the decorated surface with clear contact paper and trim both pieces carefully. Poke holes in the cover using a push pin or needle tool so a wire can pass cleanly through. At this point you might want to cover the inside of the CD with shelf liner or leave it natural. You can give the CD edges a finished look with a permanent marker.. Choose where your chain "handle" will be placed.

You will be making a "sandwich" (one inside, the other outside) of these wood pieces which will hold your "top" in place when it is fully assembled. Glue the thin wood shape to the CDs so that it covers the hole. You can also glue ribbon to this piece and create a toggle to keep the lid tightly on.

Assemble your bag with bead spacers:

Decide how wide you want your bag to be. If you don't have beads that are wide enough to span the space you want, you can use plastic or metal tubes, or double up your beads when assembling the bag. For every pair of holes, measure out the length of 20 gauge wire you will need for each "spacer" plus an extra 1/2 inch to create loop. Make a small loop at one end, thread it through the hole from the painted side of one CD, (start with what will be the bottom and work your way towards the "top" to ensure even depth) add the beads as "spacers" then thread it through the matching CD (decorated side out). Trim the wire, leaving enough for another loop to tighten the two halves together. .As you start assembling the bag, it may seem too narrow, so you may end up adding more beads until you get the width you want. Do the same for the lid. You now have a bag with loops on both sides for hanging your charms.

To finish the bag interior you have several options. A simple piece of craft foam, placed so it fits tightly between the CDs is the easiest. However, if you are ambitious, you can make a fabric liner using the CD template and card stock or fabric (download liner template here).

Once that is done, hold it in place with double-sided tape. The spacer beads are decorative and finding fabric, ribbon or card to complement the design should be easy. Now attach your "chain or cord "handle" to one of the loops.

To create a true "beaded bag" look, add charms to the wire loops, or, using headpins make beaded dangles ending in charms. Last, glue the decorated second wood piece (or poker chip) on the outside, making sure there is enough room for the top wedge to slide into place. The pieces should hold the lid firmly in place. If you feel the need for a stronger closure, you can add some chain and a hook that secures to the bottom loop. Some alternative designs include buttons or tile glued on to the "lid holder" as an embellishment. Anything goes!!

See more kitz at Kit designed by Myra Anson Nicholas, 2010


On card stock, adhesive-back label style, white bond and transfer carrier.


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