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In every crafter there lurks a hidden fashion designer. You can see it in the color palettes, the mix of materials, and how the eye is encouraged to flow over the form and shape. So invite your fellow artists, pull out all your fibers, paints and stamps, and create an altered fashion statement.

And just what is that? It is anything you want it to be. There is no rule for this kind of design. And that is why it can be so much fun to create a fashion statement challenge. The most amazing things happen. To get the ideas flowing, read through the design ideas that follow and create your own visuals


There's nothing like old shoes hiding in the back of your closet to get your imagination started. Any type will do. An old ankle boot with scuffed faux leather? Perfect surface for liquid acrylic mixed with fabric medium. Canvas espadrilles? A stained canvas approach works well. Maybe neon microfiber athletic shoes… a reverse print in black become fun when the shoe color is bright.

Clean the shoe/boot the best you can, make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt so the paint sticks. Before you start, decide the basic design. Blocks of color, a pattern of geometric shapes, or get inspiration from Australian aboriginal art, African tribal designs, it is up to you... plus the surface of the shoe allows designs to flow from foot to toe. Several thinner coats work better than one thick coat. Between two and three layers is about right, and allow them to dry thoroughly for at least 4 days before wearing for an extended period of time.

Skirts and Dresses

A trip to the local thrift shop can yield some very interesting parts to assemble. From sequined dresses to embroidered tops, there's always a way to piece interesting decorated fabrics to old fashions and collage them into an asymmetric statement. Be bold, add feathers on the neckline, fabric flowers throughout using heat-activated fusing material, or pick up some dollar store hair ornaments to dress up buttons.

If you are piecing fabric, then the weight and weave should be similar. If you are quilting, then the decorative layer can be a lot lighter than the underlying outfit. If there's a patterned fabric that you can't resist, stitch around the pattern, and stuff in batting to give it shape. Add to that all the iron on inkjet papers and your own digital photos, stamping on plain fabric and even embossing powder on cotton or denim and you've got a nice mix of subjects.


And who can't resist funky handbags? We've seen plenty of decorated lunchboxes and cigar boxes… so why not try something different? So many found objects make fun handbags… many high end makeup products come in elegant drawstring liner bags. Look at small lampshades, crocheted doilies with a fabric or cardstock liner, decorate the plastic blister pack you get bulbs in (pair two up for a round shape and staple, then decorate the edge with fringe.

And my personal favorite… the CD handbag. I doubt I was the first to do it, but I did come up with a nice technique for making it work well. I've got directions & photos here. (2 CDs, drill holes, use bolts or spacers to hold them together.) Add a fun "fringe" and hang beads or charms. Get the CD bag in kit form with charms and spacers.


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