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Wallpaper For Mirrors and Glass Panels

Cocoa, FL - Decorative accents for windows, mirrors and glass doors are a snap using adhesive-free window films that look like etched or stained glass. In less than 15 minutes an ordinary window, glass door or mirror can be made to look as if it cost hundreds of dollars.

Adhesive-free static films are the best to use as they are easy to apply, look good and when its time to redecorate, are very easy to remove. EtchArt's Wallpaper For Windows has decorative Centerpiece, Corner and Border designs in a versatile assortment of etched glass and stained glass looks. In addition to windows and glass doors, they can be used on mirrors, glass dining and coffee tables, entertainment center doors, shower enclosures and many other glass surfaces around home or office.

As the name implies, "Centerpiece" designs are used to create a central focal point. Stained Glass "Centerpieces" are primarily used on windows and glass doors. Etched Glass Centerpieces have a timeless look that is subtle and goes with all room decors.

It's easy to find places to use "Corners". Corners can be used to "frame" a Centerpiece or to give a decorative accent to the corners of windows, glass doors, glass dining and coffee tables, mirrors and many other glass surfaces around the home or office.

Etched Glass "Borders" are another way to upgrade the ordinary to the extraordinary. The most common use of "Borders" is across a window or mirror (static films are unaffected by steam and moisture and can be used on bathroom mirrors and shower enclosures).

Decorating your windows, glass doors and mirrors with these decorative window film accents, is an inexpensive way to dress up a room without using table, shelf or wall space. Get Your FREE Catalog - Frosted, Etched & Stained Glass Designs for Mirrors and More..

Wallpaper For Windows! is manufactured in Cocoa, FL USA by EtchArt, LLC using Made in the USA materials.

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Eden Border decorating a mirror. Etched glass designs are an excellent way to decorate mirrors. FREE CATALOG

Doral Corner an easy way to dress-up a window, glass door, mirror, glass tables and more.

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