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Selling at Craft Shows:
How Much Will It Cost You?

There are a lot of expenses that come with selling at craft shows. Some are obvious, like show fees and display equipment. Some are less obvious, but just as important, like promotional materials, insurance requirements, and transportation. It is strongly suggested that you do a spreadsheet that includes all the expenses that would be incurred before you apply to a show so that you are prepared for the financial commitment you are making. And if you are plannning for a long term, then use QuickBooks or Quicken Home & Business to track your expenses.

Here is a short list of items you will need to budget for:

Essentials: (see Craft Show preparation section)
Your booth. A commercial grade booth? A combination of Tables and Louvered doors?
Tables and Chairs
Table covers (we recommend a dark fabric that is stain resistant and doesn't wrinkle)
Electrical Cords and Power Strips
Lights (at least 2 per table is the minimum)
Displays (earring racks, risers, shelving, body forms, clothing racks, etc.
Clamps and weights to secure displays.
Flooring (try standing on concrete all day and keeping a smile on your face)
Signage (not just your booth sign, but smaller signs that draw attention to specific merchandise)
Bags, boxes and packing materials for purchases
Promotional materials: You can often get Business Cards printed free from online print services.

Your car or a rented van?
Cost of gas to show
Packing and storage of your merchandise to and from the show
Hand Cart or wheeled contrivance to get your inventory and display materials to your booth
Any extra help you'll need for the set up?

The total cost of your inventory. (how much did it cost to make your pieces)
Labeling and adding story cards to your pieces
Storage and storage materials

Individual Show Preferences
The cost for Credit Card Processing
Insurance requirements
Sales Tax Information
Indoor and outdoor shows each have their own requirements, inquire about them


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