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Secrets Of The Craft Show Business (Volume 1)

Woodworking for Crafters

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Before You Go: Craft Show Preparation

There are some questions you need answered before you start getting ready for the show. These may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many don't ask.

Plan ahead. Can you do the show alone or do you need someone with you to set-up, break down, or "cover" for you during any necessary breaks or to help with rush hour crowds.

Display: How many tables and/or chairs are provided, or do you have to provide all your own display set-ups and materials. Some shows offer both, you can rent tables or bring your own displays. You can buy or make your displays. Keep in mind they must be portable, and easy to transport in the vehicle you have along with the inventory you need for the show. Make sure the fabric you are using to cover your tables match, don't have stains, and are large enough to drape to the floor. Is electricity offered? Do you have enough lamps, extension cords and bulbs? Be sure to bring lots of extension cords (outdoor grade) and outlet strips. There are times you only have one outlet to work from. And be sure the wattage of your lamps does not exceed the capacity of that outlet. Many a booth has been stuck with intermittent lighting as their expensive high-wattage lamps keep blowing the circuit.

Show policies and procedures.
What if a buyer approaches you that wants to buy wholesale, or place your work on consignment in their shop or gallery. Will you offer special order? What is your return policy? Do you want to take orders for custom designed work?

Do you have printed hand-outs ready? Always have at least a business card, brochure, price list or show schedule ready to use as a bag stuffer or a hand-out to potential customers. This often leads to future sales after the show. This is especially important when you main marketing is in craft shows at different locations every week., people need to know how to contact you other than at a show. You can often get Business Cards printed free from online print services.

Be sure to find out ahead of time
- what times you have to be ready and fully set up in your booth
- is there a rule about leaving early?
- how early you can begin to set up your booth
Organize your inventory into bins by section or type, so that you can easily put up a section, and then take it down and store it. Have separate bins for administrative materials (sales forms, staplers, tape, handouts) and for utility items (extension cords, table risers, table covers, display pieces).

Most craft shows attendees haven't stuffed their wallets with large bills. Getting a merchant account so you can accept credit cards encourages buyers to go for higher ticket items.

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