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Craft Show Supplies

Put it together ahead of time and keep it in a brightly colored box so you don't forget it.

Tape & Glue

Duct tape can help hold up displays, signage and even repair a damaged canopy. It's inexpensive and small enough to bring without a hassle. Keep a few rolls on hand for all those little repair needs that may arise. Industrial carpet tape is good for heavy-duty double sided tape needs. Don’t forget some small pieces of Velcro. And bring some all-purpose glue like goop to finish out the repair kit.


Screwdrivers, a hammer, scissors, pliers and even a cordless drill can be very handy in unexpected situations. If you make jewelry, take wire cutters, pliers, a small box of findings so you’ll be ready to shorten a necklace or fix a pair of earrings that got squashed in the shipping. Keep all your tools a brightly colored toolbox so you can find it easily.

Display Items

Signage is important, so make sure you take extra card stock, markers and u-pins or tacks to replace signs that get damaged. You may want to raise your prices if some items sell too quick or you can see other crafters’ price points are radically different for similar products. Also remember a waterproof pen and small price stickers (there’s always some piece that didn’t get priced in advance) Don't forget extra light bulbs, an extension cord Batteries and a few clamps as well. Some extra cloths to cover your tables when closing for the evening (sheets are fine) and a few small pieces of fabric in case your table coverings get stained.

First Aid Kit

Not only bandages and antiseptics, but things like aspirin and antacids seem like little things until you need them. Believe me, it's no fun walking booth to booth at a crowded show asking other exhibitors if you can buy an aspirin from them when you have a splitting headache!

List of Important Numbers

Your vehicle license number, the phone number to the show officials, the number to the hotel where you will be staying and the number to your auto insurance carrier are all important numbers to keep in a handy spot.


You can use a cash box available at any office products store. Or use a fanny pack if you are doing a show where your booth or table is not that protected. A receipt book so you can track your sales. Start with at least 1 roll each of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, plus at least 25 singles & 5 five's for $50 or a larger show, 25 singles, 7 five's and 4 ten's for a $100 start cash.

Personal Comfort

These items can be put together the day before your show and keep in a separate place. Something to snack on. Craft show food can get expensive and it is not always possible to get a meal break. Trail mix, dried fruit, cereal... something that doesn't require utensils. A thermos of hot or cold beverages (coffee, tea, juice) -- my favorite thing is to freeze a liter bottle of club soda the night before and by mid day it is mostly thawed. You have a cool, refreshing bubbly drink just when you need it the most. paper towels and tissues are also important.


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