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Selling Handcrafted Work Wholesale


Wholesaling is selling goods to retailers/gift shops/galleries rather than to consumers directly. Once a product is purchased at wholesale, the retailer then displays it and sells your product at a retail price.


The standard for retail giftware is 100% mark-up. As an example if you wholesale a candle for $5.00 the retail price would then be $9.99. As you first consider wholesaling, this may seem unfair. However, you probably do not realize the many costs involved in the sale of your product (if you sell it yourself, or in the owning and operating of a retail shop).


The trick to successful wholesaling lies in what products you choose to sell at wholesale rates so you can still make a profit.

Not every craft item will work as a wholesale product. If the wholesale price of your product is too high (too labor intensive/expensive materials or hard-to-get items), then retailers will not be interested. They will have difficulty selling that craft item in their shops.

It will take some research to figure out exactly what your crafts are costing you to produce and to determine if you can still make a profit by selling them at wholesale prices.


Once you have figured out the true cost of your craft items you will be able to group into categories. Some will work only at craft shows, some will be good gallery candidates, and some will have enough mark-up to make them wholesale candidates for gift shops.

Start with a simple product line of less than 10 items. Keep it easy to display at a trade show and simple to create a promotional brochure or catalog. Keeping production "runs" straight on more than that will be difficult, especially if you are the crafter making all the items! If you want your product line to look more extensive, change colors, sizes and themes.

Create a theme for your product line, perhaps by color, by season (Christmas or Valentines) or by a common element (best friends, cats, home decor). This will help you present your product line as a finished business, rather than as a collection of craft ideas.



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To Sell Wholesale, You Have to BUY Wholesale

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