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Unique Locations to Sell Your Crafts

Courtesy of James Dillehay Since 1991, he has been writing about how to grow a craft business and how to sell your crafts online. What he's learned over these years may help you if you sell handmade crafts as a home business. He has several e-books that might help you.

Churches, Synagogues

Houses of worship provide selling opportunities for many different craft items. Besides the obvious religious items, most church goers are also very family oriented and are always looking for gifts to celebrate blessed events (communion, bar mitzvah, a blessing for a new couple or their new home.)

Find out who is responsible for purchasing and ask if you can make a short presentation. Almost every denomination sponsors annual conventions and most go all out for holidays. Check local papers and church bulletins for announcements.

Executive Gifts and Corporate Gifts

If your work is of a very high calibre, or is commemorative in some way, you might want to check with local civic organizations who are run by a board of directors. When a director leaves the board, he/she is often given a personalized gift with the organization's logo on it. Most executive gifts can be quite impersonal, so if you have a unique product, the ability to personalize it. it is quite possible that you could provide that gift. The same goes for convention speakers and other corporate event participants.

Alternative retail outlets

• Gourmet stores stock food and gift baskets.
• Airport and hotel gift shops attract travelers in transit.
• Museum and hospital gift shops as well.
• Gift stores can also be found at marinas in coastal areas.
• Beauty shops display jewelry items
• Tourist areas often sell craft gifts from local artisans
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