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Selling Your Crafts in an Online Shop

Like all online buisnesses, it is what you make of it. Some do very well right off the bat, and some move slower.

A typical experience comes from Amy C. Sanders of raine studios ( "I opened my shop just after Christmas last year with about 5 things and it pretty much just sat there," she said. "I slowly added things over the year and was doing some business each month. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, when I worked very hard all month to stock the store as much as I could, so when I had my "black friday/cyber monday" sale I was pleasantly surprised to get a nice handful of orders, which continued into December. Just like a website, you need to drive traffic to it."

We surveyed a number of artists about Etsy and Artfire:

Etsy Pros:

  • The biggest definitely, is the traffic. Etsy gets a lot of traffic. I have sites on Etsy and ArtFire, and Etsy out pulls ArtFire by FAR each month.
  • There are outside tools to help manage your shop (look into #etsyhacks and search the forums)
  • Folks can be really helpful in the forums.
  • Love the teams. The capital region has an Etsy team that shares a lot of really good info not only on etsyEtsy, but about local events for their business-- it's called CREST and there's a yahoo group connected with it:

Etsy Cons:

  • $.20 listing fee and 3.5% fee on each sale made.
  • You need to get decent pics of your product(s) or they'll never really go anywhere.
  • No coupon codes
  • No way to put your shop into some sort of sale mode (everything 10% off!) so if you have a sale, you're either refunding folks after the fact in paypal, or going in and changing each listing's price by hand.
  • Relisting your items often is sometimes the best way to be seen ($.20 for each listing-same as when you list something)
  • Things are mistagged often, and flagging them doesn't seem to do a lot. So my chainmaille items can get lost in a sea of NON chainmaille items, even though it's in the chainmaille category.

ArtFire Pros:

  • The big pro is a flat monthly fee of (right now) $12 (I believe it's going up to $15 soon, but you can lock in the $12 rate if you join before it goes up). Nobody is taking a cut of your sales, which is nice.
  • They seem much more proactive in taking care of their sellers.
  • They have a decent system for flagging inappropriate items and they actually get taken down (instead of being featured on the front page!)
  • Really nice podcast that talks about market trends in the big players (ebay, target, Zappos, etc.) as well as small ones. REALLY good information there, even if you're not on ArtFire - it's called "Inside Handmade"
  • They have a more "democratic" (read: RANDOM) front page.
  • Customizable storefront (colors & sizing, like 3 columns? or 4?) pretty easy to set up.
  • Coupon codes
  • Sale modes
  • -
  • Global editor (item all your things at once)
  • It even has a tool to import your items listed on etsy into your artfire shop
  • Buyers can buy w/out having an account on artfire.

ArtFire Cons:

  • The democratic front page means that even the badly photographed items are there and can make the site look kind of unprofessional
  • The design isn't nearly as clean or aesthetically pretty as Etsy's, in my opinion.
  • The biggest con -- not nearly as much traffic as Etsy. When I joined, I had visions of ditching etsy, but even driving traffic to ArtFire as much as I could, Etsy still did better traffic. So now, I keep them both, and like them both for their different strengths.

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