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Shipping and Packaging Your Handcrafted Work

Did you know that the time it takes you to make and ship your product to your customer has a direct relation to whether or not that customer buys from you again? Although this seems like common sense, many crafter's just "don't get around to" shipping their crafts to customers who have already paid for a week, or more.

If you order something online, you expect it to be shipped within a reasonable amount of time. Three days is reasonable. Thirteen days is not. And the faster your turnaround time is, the more likely you are to get a reorder, particularly from someone who is shopping competitors too.

If your policy is to ship within 24 hours of payment, or every weekday be sure to place that prominently in your booth or on your order form. If you only ship on Saturdays, state that on your form, so that people who may need it as a gift can decide accordingly if they still wish to order.

If you will make exceptions, be sure to mention that too. When a shipping time frame is not mentioned, potential customers will either assume the best or the worst. If you ship in 7 days, but your customer assumes you would ship immediately, you could end up with a cranky customer who demands a shipping or product refund.

You should also take special consideration on how your items are packaged, and what a customer would reasonably be expecting. I recently received a pair of beautiful beaded earrings in a paper envelope. What was a reasonable expectation? A bubble envelope, Tyvec mailer, or a small box, particularly since the shipping costs would still have been the same. And on top of the price of shipping, I paid almost a dollar extra for handling. Would I likely order from that seller again? Not a chance.

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