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Fashion and Decor Trends Influence Your Craft Business

What’s in, what’s hot, what’s not. The best-dressed list, the worst dressed… all that stuff can be overwhelming. It is really all about the latest trends in the gift, leisure or craft industry? Is there really anything new? Trends by definition should be techniques, motifs, medium, colors, and supplies that grow in popularity over time versus a fad, which comes and goes in a blink of an eye. There are trends that stand the test of time and those that last from a few months to a year.

Trend and Style categories.

  • Garden & Nature
  • Western, and Southwestern
  • Country
  • Classic, clean and geometric
  • Sweet and sentimental
  • Whimsical and arty
  • Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies
  • Animal lovers’ (cats, dogs, birds…)
  • Sea and Sea Life
  • High Tech and urban
  • Bright and fun
  • Minimalist

Lifestyle changes explain the popularity of many of our current motif or style trends. The garden look. Western. Lodge and country. Simple folk creations. It can also explain the popularity of collectibles. Items like teddy bears, pigs, dolls, rubber-stamps, and hearts. These are all places and objects near and dear to the heart. A need for comfort also explains the high demand for hand made home decor. Personal and personalized are the keywords. And now, companies can use your digital images to create anything from handbags to doormats and even large full color photo blankets that are unique!

Watch what the teens, tweens and kids are up to. They are the ones most likely to be trend setters these days. Take a look at colorful and fun Stickers - FREE Shipping

Don't let trends and trending overwhelm you. Trust your instincts when selecting new products and incorporating new trends. Southwestern style doesn’t sell well in Georgia. Beach motifs are not common in the midwest. Trends are to be used as guides. There is no one, sure-fire trend in the craft business. It is the combination of all the techniques, motifs, media, and fashions that sell product. Frosted, Etched & Stained Glass Designs for decorating glass panels, mirrors and table tops come in a wide variety of motifs for creating a custom look..

Doing your own trend watching:

  • Attend trade and consumer shows
  • Read the craft consumer and trade journals
  • Visit gift shops of all kinds
  • Read decorating magazines and watch the shows on cable TV
  • Visit cutting edge craft shows
  • Observe the displays in furniture and home accessory shops
  • Find the common themes and threads in books and movies around you.
  • People watch in malls
  • Cut out appealing displays and designs from magazines and catalogs.
  • Review your junk mail and catalogs
  • Join local craft groups
  • Note what is being worn and displayed on and around TV and movie personalities.

Trending Jargon

Classic: a trend that has survived over a long period of time; examples are “that little black dress” or the teddy bear

Color: a phenomenon of light or visual perception that enables one to differentiate identical items

Color Value: lightness or darkness of a color.

Consistency: the thinness or thickness of a medium

Contrast: the sharp difference between two colors

Fad: interest followed for a brief time with exaggerated zeal or craze

Hue: the name of a pure color or interchanged with the word color

In: current trend; for example, nostalgia is in

Intensity: color’s purity or strength

Lifestyle: broad view of an individual or society’s beliefs, habits, living, career, and home

Medium: material or surface being used; examples include wood, fabric, paper, clay, or plastic

Motif: another term for theme

Out: no longer a trend or fad;

Primary colors: red, blue, yellow

Secondary colors: mixing of primary colors; green, orange, purple

Shade: a color plus black

Technique: Skill being used; examples include weaving, cropping, photography, rubber stamping

Theme: subject, topic, or motif; examples include nature, family, or friends

Tint: a color plus white

Tone: a color plus gray

Trend: a general direction taken, a current style or preference, vogue; usually builds over a period of time as opposed to a fad.

Trending: trying to predict or examine large-scale popularity of a theme, motif, or item


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