Giftopper Kit Directions

Make the “collar”. Use 18” of 24 gauge wire. Thread coil and seed beads onto wire, alternating beads to make an attractive combination. Repeat until there’s less than ¾” left on the wire -finish by making a small loop with round nosed pliers.

Wind the bead-threaded wire around a dowel,for a tubular design with "scattered" colored beads, ending in the coil.

Thread the wire tube you just made onto another wire, and wrap again, using the same dowel. After about 2 wraps of the wire, push the “tube” up and snug the ends on the dowel so the loops "spread out" into a fan. Finish off the collar with the extra wire.

Fold wire-edged ribbon so that you get 4 complete loops. (4”). Pinching ribbon, carefully feed it through the center of the collar. Slide the collar so that the loops at the top are larger than the ones at the bottom. Using your fingers, separate and fluff out loops

Use your 20 gauge wire and fold in half. Pinch the end tightly. Feed the wire, folded end first down through the collar and make sure it is in front of the ribbon. Leave about 3” at the top. Slide a ¾” piece of coil, then the large-holed “head” bead onto the wire and spread the two top ends apart. With pliers, make each wire antennae into a spiral.

Make the body: Create a smaller version of the collar. Slide it up from the bottom to fit just under the collar. Crimp the end with pliers.

End with the “tail”: After you have put the second wire bead on the body, carefully twist the “tail” into a nice shape. Curls, spirals, whatever you fancy.

Finishing touches. On the underside of the body, "sew" on your pin back with 28 gauge wire or monofilament. Another option is to wire the creature to a simple barette. Perfect for young girls (and even older ones!)