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Who wants to be at a craft show competing with half a dozen other crafters producing the same type of work. Be unique. Try adding that extra "twist" to your artwork that will guarantee you a special audience.

Painter, Illustrator or Photographer? Get off the wall!

Put your images on all kinds of items. Here's just a few of your options:

Photo Blankets amazing quality, full color photographic image imprinted directly into a cozy snuggly blanket. Machine washable, 50"x60," shipped within 7 to 10 days after recepit of digital photo. Take a look!

Custom Photo Doormat Upload a digital image and you'll get a durable doormat that will charm your guests. Doormats with your painting or illustration would be a show-stopper!! Take a look at them! Mat features a polyester surface and nonslip backing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Custom Photo Purses Send your digital image and they will create a panel that snaps onto their purses. Handbags have black leather trim, are lined, have a snap closure and a zippered pocket. Wide range of sizes. The panel snaps off so you can create a whole fashion line of interchangeable bags!

Photo Cutting Board Add kitchen gifts with a photo cutting board. The cutting board is specially coated and made of durable tempered glass. Hand washing is recommended. your digital photo reproduced on Canvas!

Photo Mosaic: A photo mosaic is a picture produced by arranging many smaller tile photos to form a vibrant larger picture. At Design A Mosaic, we use your digital images for the tile photos to re-create another one of your photos. In essence, your smaller photos will make up your larger photo. See some of our photo mosaic samples. Create a custom mosaic from your own digital pictures! Imagine the possibilities!

Full Color Laser Engraving Through color engraving you can have your photo permanently lasered in full color onto your photo pendant or locket. - Custom Photo Jewelry, 14k Gold & Sterling Silver Photo Pendants, Lockets, Picture Charms and more.

Are you a Calligrapher, Photo Restorer, Bookbinder, or just into Family History?

Look no further than Genealogy Freelancers. Their mission is to offer their members an affordable place in which they could connect to a genealogy professional from any and every corner of the world.

You can provide custom family history books and have someoone do the research for you! You just format the results. It's all free! Post your project and select a Specialist at no cost. They will match your job details to genealogy specialists from across the globe ensuring all experts capable of doing your project are immediately notified of your request. A totally unique service/craft that would be a fabulous gift for family events. Check them out!

Give your booth some Pizazz! Get Posters from your digital photos to create a big montage!

Sell Your Crafts on eBay

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