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Promote Your Craft Business

Every person who stops by your booth or table is a potential customer, even if they don't make a purchase that day. The fact that your craft interested them enough to stop and look, gives you the chance to turn them into future buyers.

Most crafters should have a business card or a postcard as a handout with contact information, upcoming shows and a photo of their craft. This gives booth visitors a way to keep in touch, see your work and call you for custom craft work. Many online printers have offers like Discount Business Cards with free online design!

But why stop there? If someone has stopped to look, why not have a guest book handy so you can add interested prospects to the list you have of current buyers. A good list (e-mail or snail mail) can bring a lot of buyers to your booth, attracting others who see your "fans". Of course you can also use your digital images to create one-of-a-kind items!

And between shows? A portfolio website can be your best "agent" 24/7. James Dillehay's Sell Your Crafts Online can be a very good resource. If you make one-of-a-kind items, be sure your website is up to date, you indicate a policy for shipping, retail pricing, international orders, and custom orders. See our section on web-based shops like Etsy and ArtFire.

Many companies offer email marketing services and targeted email campaign solutions Easy as 1, 2, FREE! Find out about their e-mail marketing & advertising services today!

E-newsletters are also a good way to keep interested buyers informed of your upcoming shows. Visit this link to learn about how to create an email newsletter for your business.


Stock up on beautiful color postcards (and save by doing it now!) featuring your work so that booth visitors can remember you. Don't forget to put your show schedule on the back!

With PhotoStamps you can turn your digital photos OF YOUR CRAFT into real US postage! Create yours today.

James Dillehay's book Sell Your Crafts Online provides a roadmap to the best Internet places from which to sell, promote, get reviewed, and find new customers.

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